America’s Own

Our last blog discussed three brands that exemplify the best of America- Hickey Freeman, Allen Edmonds and David’s Master Collection.  Here’s a little more on the first two- if you’re already a fan, perhaps some things you didn’t know.  Or, if you are new to these brands, hopefully this information will encourage you to try

Made In America

Made in America is a phrase that can sometimes be part of debates or disagreements, particularly when it intersects with politics and economic policy.  If you’ve looked at some of the marketing materials in the store (and we hope you do!) you might notice the phrase Made in America. Davelle Clothiers owner and CEO David

Designer Showroom Visits- How We’re Different

In our last post we talked about the January MRket show in New York.  After the show, the three came back to Reston but made the trip to NYC again just one week later for three days packed with showroom visits.David Eisele Sr, Owner and CEO,  Dave Eisele Jr, Vice-President of Visual Merchandising, and Dan

Davelle Clothiers at the New York MRket Show

Over the past two weeks, David Eisele Sr, Owner and CEO,  Dave Eisele Jr, Vice-President of Visual Merchandising, and Dan Fox, Vice-President of Merchandising have zipped back and forth from DC to New York to participate in one of the most important times of the fashion year. While most people are still getting settled into

Resolve to Look Your Best in 2012, Part II- The Right Start

In our last post we talked about why you should commit to making this the year to polish your professional image.  It’s all about style- developing your own style and not hesitating to express it.Think about the last time you knew you were impeccably dressed.  How did you feel?  Confident, capable, powerful, and ready for

Resolve to Look Your Best in 2012

Lose weight, exercise more, eat better, be less stressed- is this your mantra at the beginning of every new year?  Most likely, many of your resolutions for this year point to the same thing- how to feel great and look even better.When you think about looking good, what does that encompass?  Maybe your weight and

Holiday Party Panache- Here’s How

Your calendar is full of holiday festivities…are you ready to let your style shine?  Whether your next party is a highly anticipated event or just a required appearance, this is the perfect opportunity to leave behind your everyday look and show a different side. Perhaps you’ve already envisioned making an entrance with a special guest

Reasons Why I’m Thankful This Year

Reasons Why I’m Thankful This Year As the holiday season approaches, it’s once again time to reflect on the year and all its blessings. I thought I would share with my readers some of my many reasons to be thankful. I’m thankful that I’ve been able to create a unique shopping environment in which my


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