When you open your closet doors, do you find what you need? Often it is a challenge to find clothes that fit properly, go well together, or are right for the occasion. We have just the thing- the convenience of our expert closet edit service.

A closet edit can take as long as you need, or as little as an hour and a half, during one visit or several, depending on your preferences. During your closet edit, a Davelle Clothiers Wardrobe Consultant will discuss what you have bought and why as well as determine what fits properly, what can be retrofit, and what needs to be donated.

Next we will re-coordinate what you already have and then make suggestions on what you need to fill out the rest of your wardrobe. We can advise you on how to create your own style, and how to use your pieces to crossover from various levels of casual to dressy.

Your wardrobe isn’t about quantity, it is about quality. The service and convenience afforded by a closet edit is an investment that will reap benefits well into the future. Imagine the time you will now save when you get ready for work or play- the right garments that fit will be ready and waiting in your closet. And you will look and feel better than ever.

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