Building a wardrobe can be overwhelming, confusing and very time consuming and if not done properly it can be very costly. Let the highly experience wardrobe stylists at Davelle Clothiers take out all of those variables by offering custom wardrobe consultation that will help you build a wardrobe to last a very long time.

To prepare for a wardrobe consultation, you will need to take inventory of all clothing items that you own with brief descriptions and quantities of items. During the consultation you will work together with your wardrobe consultant to establish a long term and stylish wardrobe plan that fits your lifestyle, body type and coloration. You will also discuss what in your current wardrobe needs to be kept, refitted or discarded.

After your wardrobe consultation you will leave with a wardrobe strategy that will last 10 to 12 years and will help you avoid the pitfalls of spending money on clothing items that are not right for you.

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