Overcoming Fit Problems

Nothing looks sloppier than an ill-fitting suit. Even investing in an expensive suit will not result in an authoritative look if it isn’t tailored to perfection. Here are some common scenarios and what to do:

If your jacket drapes across the back or front, it is too large, you need a smaller size.
If there is sagging or dropping in sleeves, the shoulder size is too large. Find a smaller size.
If the trouser waist is too large, they may be altered, but be sure the new fit is right in the seat and the crotch.
Trousers that are too baggy in the seat or crotch can be altered slightly, but too much alteration can destroy the line of trousers.
Trousers too long with too large break in front or covering hell in back just need a basic alteration.
When your collar sits too high and your shirt collar doesn’t show, the excess fabric below the collar can be removed, but this is a moderately difficult alteration.
If the collar sits too low, showing too much of the collar, it can be raised at the seam, but is a moderately difficult alterations.
For the suit collar that is too large, it can be shortened where the collar joins the lapel, but again this is a moderately difficult alteration, you might be better off finding another suit that fits better.

A good salesman can sell you an expensive suit, but only a trained and experienced wardrobe consultant can advise you on the right style and

Watch this video to learn how to avoid these 8 deadly sins of menswear, you are looking good.

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