Tie Patterns

Every part of your attire makes an important statement. Don’t overlook important details like your tie. Just wearing one isn’t enough, use this opportunity to project a powerful image. Understanding what tie patterns mean and how to coordinate them is a great place to start!
These tie patterns are listed from most conservative and authoritative to the most casual:

  • Pin Dot ties are elegant, authoritative and formal for business. The smaller the dot and the darker the base color of the tie, the more authoritative it will be. This pattern is almost as versatile as a solid for coordinating with your most conservative suit.
  • Foulard or Ivy League ties are very versatile ties for conservative and casual business wear. These are printed ties with repeating symbols regularly spaced on a solid background. They have more than two colors and are great for coordinating because they pick up a color from the shirt and suit and combine them.
  • Solid ties are versatile for coordinating with patterned shirts and suits. Dark solids communicate quiet elegance. The best business solids are silk. Avoid polyesters with patterns woven into them, as they have a negative image.
  • Striped ties are versatile classics. The best quality have a distinctive ribbed weave. Distinct stripes (as opposed to stripes that melt into one another) for a higher quality image. Wear muted stripes with muted colors in suits and shirts. Wear distinct, contrasting ties with dark suits and light shirts.
  • Paisley ties work well for coordination with your entire wardrobe because they contain so many colors in a single tie. They are elegant and dressy if they are in subdued colors.
  • Club ties are both sporty and conservative. They have repeating symbols that signify sporting clubs. They symbols are usually small and almost unrecognizable. They are most often woven into a solid tie. Large, bold and big pictures such as cars, palm trees or flowers are not traditional club ties and should be avoided.
  • Finally, plaid ties have a casual, sporty image and are best worn with sport jackets, blazers, light colored suits, or summer suits. They are most often found in wool, cotton, and linen.

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