The Art Of Buying A Great Suit

Nothing exudes confidence like an amazing suit. Mastering this art can be easy, if you know your way around a great suit. The keys are a properly fitting suit made of the finest materials and constructed according to the highest standards.

A great fit starts with getting the right measurements. Measure your check around the fullest part of your chest including back blades for comfort. Then have the outside of your arms measured at the fullest part. The difference between the two should be 7” or 8”. If you have more than 9” difference, then you’ll need to go up one size or find a jacket wide enough for your shoulders.

The jacket’s length will determine if your entire proportions are in balance. Some ways to ensure the right length- take your (true) height, minus 9”, then divide by 2 and add ½ “. Then check where the bottom of the coat rides when your hand is cupped- it should flow smoothly in the cup of your hand. Finally, see if the jacket rests at least 1 ¼” below the bottom of your buttocks. With these three measurements, you should have the perfect length.

Your final fit check is the positioning- always settle the jacket by pulling it forward on your chest, so that the collar rests against your neck. If it does not fit the gap around your next, do not buy the suit. You have the wrong size, or the wrong fit for your posture. Or, you will need a major tailoring adjustment.

Making an investment in a high quality designer or custom tailored suit should be an informed decision, not one of salesmanship. Our mission is to educate and impart the fundamentals of style and craftsmanship, ensuring your investment will pay off!

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