Three Reasons Why Personal Service Is So Important

When it comes to style, there are a lot of different levels of service. You can order online, in which case you get little-to-no support, or you can buy off the rack at a big-name retailer, where you might find an inexperienced sales associate who will tell you that everything looks great on you. However,... Read more »

Five Steps to Stepping Up Your Style in 2020

Now that we’ve got a fresh new year (and decade!) ahead of us, it’s time to start making good on those ever-present resolutions. People often say they want to look better in the new year; updating and upgrading your wardrobe is a great way to start making those positive changes immediately. If you’re ready for... Read more »

How “Saving” Money Costs You in the Long Run

Everyone likes a deal on clothes, but you have to be careful – not all “good deals” are created equal. Sometimes you can find a better price than usual on a high-quality item, but if your habit is to shop at bargain retailers because you feel like you’re saving money that way, here’s why you... Read more »

Why Top Dyeing Is Especially Important Right Now

Earlier in the year we talked about the difference in various dyeing processes, and how the way your clothes are dyed makes a significant difference to the appearance and quality of the final product. For example, piece dyeing involves undyed yarn being woven into fabric, and then the pieces of fabric are dipped in a... Read more »

Three Stylish Ways to Keep Warm this Winter

We’re heading into the coldest parts of the year, and that means it’s time for the warmest garments to make their starring appearance. If your older outerwear from winters past is leaving you feeling uninspired, here are a few ways you can change things up and really take advantage of everything the season has to... Read more »

How to Max Out Your Style Potential This Holiday Season

Just like that, the holiday season is upon us again. It seems like only a minute ago that we were getting ready for the summer, and now we’re suddenly thinking about Thanksgiving, all the December holidays, and of course New Year’s Eve. With so many family gatherings and outings with friends on the horizon, there... Read more »

Five Ways to Stand Out from the Crowd

It’s a jungle out there!  The business world is a chaotic and competitive place. Today’s social scene isn’t much easier, either – these days, if you can’t keep up, you simply get left behind. So how do you make yourself unforgettable in a world where it’s so easy to be forgotten? Here are five things... Read more »

How Our Trade-In Sale Turns Old into Gold

It’s that time of year – our 23rd annual Trade-In Sale has come around once again! This year we’re doing it bigger and better than ever, giving you the opportunity to refresh your wardrobe in a sustainable way, while helping the community at the same time. We all have old, worn, outdated clothes that we... Read more »

Why the Dyeing Process Matters

It’s amazing how skilled the human eye is at detecting differences in color. Not just the gap between two distinct colors, but also the myriad nuances that make up the complexities of shade and hue within a single color. The detail and subtlety can be truly remarkable. Have you ever wondered exactly what it is... Read more »

Three Ways to Find Your Perfect Style Balance This Fall

Fall is just around the corner, and although it’s arguably the most exciting time of year for men’s clothing, it’s also one of the trickiest to get right. If you struggle to know whether you should be hanging onto your summer look a while longer or jumping ahead to your October outfits, here are three... Read more »