Quality Checklist: Suits

Suits are the foundation of a man’s wardrobe. Whether you own bespoke tailored suits, or a designer suit off the rack, know what makes a suit high quality before you enter the store.

First, understand the difference between canvassed and fused jackets. A fused suit uses glue to keep the inner lining connected to the fabric shell of the suit. Over time, the glue can degrade and fabric ripples around the chest and lapel may appear.

Contrast this to a canvassed suit, which includes a layer of horsehair canvas underneath and over time conforming to your body’s shape for a superior fit.

You can conduct this test to tell if the jacket is fused or canvassed- pinch the cloth under the bottom buttonhole from either side and gently pull the layers apart. If you don’t feel a third layer, or the fabric feels stiffer than the sleeve, the jacket is likely fused. If you detect a third layer, a canvass was used.

Additionally, look for these hallmarks of a great suit- horn buttons, hand stitched lapels, felt under collar of jacket, and a fabric soft enough to wear for 12 hours without itching to take your pants off.

Investing in a high quality suit will last for a decade or more with proper care! A mass produced suit that cuts corners and uses cheap materials will only last a few years. So which makes more sense, a new suit every couple years, or one good suit that will last for ten years or more!

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