New Way to Wear a Tie

What’s Your Casual IQ?

Cheap vs Expensive

Davelle Uniqueness How to Match Patterns

Don’t buy designer suits if they don’t work! David shows you how to match all the elements of this gorgeous taupe suit. Taupe is in!

Davelle Uniqueness – Learn How to Match Patterns

David Eisele at Davelle Clothiers shows you to properly match patterns.

Davelle Matching Patterns, Eton, Canali, DMC

Davelle Matching Patterns, Eton, Canali, DMC

The Davelle Journey – Fabric, Fit & Detail

What sets Davelle Clothiers apart? The detail we put into everything we do. Learn how this Eton, Canali, and DMC combination turn into a stylish mix of fit, fabric and patterns that work beautifully togethert.

The Best Custom Suits

The perfect custom suit is our specialty and we make our suits with only Italian fabrics.

Buy Better, Buy Less

Buy Better and Buy Less is our motto at Davelle Clothiers.

The Right Suit is a Lifestyle Choice

David explains the correct way to dress

Cupertino Casual – Clean, Distinctive Look

This is so much more than hum drum business casual. This is a clean, distinctive look, only at Davelle Clothiers.

London Luxury – High End Sophistication

We created a new concept style to simplify men’s fashion. You cannot short change quality when it comes to your clothing, you pay for what you get.

Milano Mod- Cool, Distinctive, Different

We are transforming Business Casual with Milano Mod, cool, high-end fashion for men.

Be a Risk Taker- Which Style Choice Works for You?

A great shoe says a lot about you and your sense of style!

David of Davelle Clothiers Shows Three Ways to Wear a Suit

Italian and American Suits at Davelle Clothiers

Davelle Trade In Event

Celebrating 27 Years!

What Kind of Style Works for You?

Three Ways to Wear a Suit

Quality Fabric and an Impeccable Fit Never Goes Out of Style

No Cookie-Cutter Style at Davelle Clothiers

Join the Movement!

The importance of a bespoke suit from David of Davelle Clothiers

David Talks about Fabrics & Men’s Ties -Part 1

David Eisele Talks About Men’s Ties-Part 2

Make your Mark with Montegrappa and the MacAllan

A Tie Can Change your Life, The 7-Fold Tie

How to Tie a Tie (I)

Step by step demonstration how to tie a Pratt or Shelby tie.

How to Tie a Tie (III)

Master the Half Windsor knot following these steps.

How to Tie a Tie (IV)

The Four in Hand knot is demonstrated by Dave Eisele Jr.

Tie Knot Types

How many types of dress tie knots do you know? Learn the four types of tie knots, what fabric to wear them with, which occasions, and what body types they works best on.

Tie Types

What type of designer tie is right for you? Learn about tie styles and which tie is right for your needs.

Travel Tricks

Your fine menswear hits the road often, here’s how to look great when you arrive while taking proper of your designer men’s clothing.

Business Casual

What does business casual really mean? Learn the four levels of men’s casual wear and how to successfully combine fabrics, colors and style.

7 Tips for Interview Attire

Really want the job? We’ll help you take care of how you look so you can make the right first impression!

What’s Your Style?

Discover your own personal style- what styles, men’s clothing designers and fit is best for your own unique personality.

8 Deadly Sins

There are a lot of don’ts when it comes to menswear, if you avoid these eight deadly sins of menswear, you are looking good.

Clothing Myth Conceptions (I)

Dan Fox dispels common misconceptions about men’s clothing. Learn how these myths are holding you back and how to overcome them.

Clothing Myth Conceptions (II)

Want to be seen as authoritative and successful? Dave Eisele Jr, Vice President of Visual Design provides more answers on how to dress.

8 Tips for Smart Shopping

8 Tips for Smart Shopping! Learn how to make the right decisions during your holiday shopping and throughout the year.

8 Tips for Smart Shopping

Concerned about making the right decisions? See how to make the right investment in the right garments.

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