David and Dave are a DYNAMIC DUO at Davelle Clothiers – a father and son business. Upon entering their store, you are engulfed with merchandise of quality and style with an ambiance that screams a high standard (reminds me of my Jaguar XK). They are a model of what customer service is supposed to be; something that is rare today. They show genuine concern and interest in your concern and interest which speaks to unparallel customer service and satisfaction. I often say that “a happy customer is a repeat customer” and so I keep returning to Davelle Clothiers, why, because David and Dave always strive to go above and beyond just to satisfy you and me. They put you and me first which is why they are the top men’s clothier in the DMV area, hands-down. Simply put, they aim to pIease, not to just make a sale.
And so, I challenge you to visit Davelle Clothiers today and tell them that KG sent you!
By the way, if you happen to show up during one of those times when David or Dave is lecturing on how to coordinate different fabrics, styles, colors, patterns, etc. to enhance your outfit and to show how it will look on you, it will forever change your mind-set on how to create the best look on you.


"I have always considered David Eisele to be something more than a master tailor.  To me, he is an artist. My body is the canvas, his fabric is the paint, and he always creates a masterpiece.  No one has ever fit me the way that he has.  I receive compliments on my suits and sports jackets just about every time I wear them.  Thank you, David.  You really make me look good.  I am your customer for life!"

Gerson E. Kuhr

I’ve been shopping for all my men’s wear from Davelle Clothiers for over three years. These guys are the very best! They only offer the highest quality, latest in men’s fashion and style, and the highest standards. All this while providing the most friendly and personalized service. Every time I visit the store, it’s a fantastic experience!

Paul Hossenlopp

The wedding went fantastically. On another note, I’d like to come see you again sometime, I could use a few every day business shirts and slacks if that’s something you do, in addition to a sport coat.

In short I love the way what I’ve purchased from you so far fits, feels, and wears, and truly now if not before consider you my formal wear “guy”!

- Benjamin Flanders

David, I want to let you know that the shirts I purchased recently are wonderful. The fabric is just the right weight and texture, the fit is perfect, and the cuff actually covers my watch. Thanks for guiding me through the process. I'll definitely be back for some shirts, and you may even get me to try a custom suit.

- Andrew Stuart

I have purchased clothes from Davelle for over a dozen years, almost always from Tim. One three occasions during that time my wife accompanied me when I came in to buy a suit. One each occasion I wound up leaving with two suites or an extra sport coat. Obviously Tim's deft sales skills were very effective on my wife. I gave up on suggesting that she accompany me. Thanks Tim!

- Chuck Jarrow

Back in 2008, my oldest daughter was 12 years old and really into modeling. We packed the van, drove from Yorktown to Reston. As part of this show, Mikey (my daughter) had to wear a gown and be escorted by a male companion on the big stage, and I had that honor. We unloaded the van, and I'd realized I left my suit and tie back in Yorktown. Mikey was starting to panic a bit, but I told her I'd see what I could do.

I stumbled around Reston Town Center, and found Davelle Clothiers! I went inside and met with David who was extraordinarily helpful, fully understanding my plight. He assured me he could get me fitted in a suit and have it tailored by Sat mid-morning. Sure enough, he and his team came through, and I was able to escort Mikey on the big stage on Sat. evening.

I still own that terrific suit, and the tie as well. It became my "go to" suit any time I had a job interview, or a major client engagement, or a big wedding to attend. I'll always have fond m...

- Danno Svaranowic

I was in the market for new shoes, but the other store I had just visited was fairly impersonal. I stopped in to see what Davelle had to offer and was immediately helped by Tim, who helped me pick shoes that were very to my liking (they’re still heavy in my rotation today). After I’d selected them, he offered to show me around the rest of the store. After I described a pair of pants I’d bought recently, he helped me craft a shirt and blazer combination to match it perfectly. I’d never had a shirt custom-tailored before, and Tim made the process both easy and exciting. The experience has turned me into a returning customer!

- Hugh Mosher

Rarely do you find a store for men like Davelles. My husband shops exclusively there for all of his tailored suits, amazing original shirts as well as jeans and casual wear. The attention to detail is amazing. Either the clothes are hand made by Davelles or they come from the best fashion shops around the world! David, the owner, is truly a master at his craft!

- Ann Storck

Superior service and quality. Davelle Clothiers provides the very best with personal attention that will have you looking your very best. A must visit for gentleman's fine clothing and accessories. David Sr. is so wonderful to work with and knows men's fashion and design like no one better. Highly recommended.

- Shane RedRogue

Simply the best custom suit maker in the Washington DC area. If you want your clothes to fit great do yourself a favor and go to Davelle

- Richard Jollon

Thanks to your help, I was able to feel confident, which helped me stay calm speaking for my very first time ever speaking to a group (especially one of such importance)! As long as I live in Reston, I’ll be coming to Davelle for confidence boosting attire.

- Connar Pierce

Nothing quite lifts my spirits, or puts a bounce in my steps like putting on your Davelle clothes. Looking sharp in your stylish, well tailored suits, jackets, and slacks, helps to maintain my positive outlook and keep my rehab on track.

I look forward to continuing to rebuild my wardrobe together.

- Jon

I want to thank David and Davelle for their expertise, skill and quality product with this short review. I’ve bought two custom suits and some shirts and ties from them and they just make me feel good. What is great about the clothes I bought is that I bought them from people that really know what they are doing. I’m an engineer by profession, but I stand in front of a lot of conference rooms presenting. You don’t know what a relief it is to be confident that I’ve made all the right choices in my suits for my position, for my body type, and for the way I use them. Do I have cuffs, two buttons or three, what fabric is best for travel, etc. I put my suit on and I get a little confidence boost from knowing somebody was looking out for me when it was put together.

- Tom C

Thank you again for all the extra work and detail you put into making this suit so special for me. It was a very kind gesture that I will appreciate each time I put it on.

- Matthew D. Di Bella

Suit, Dormeuil 170th Anniversary Matterhorn; Shoes & belt, Di Bianco; Shirt, tie, & pocket square, The Master Collection by Davelle; Watch and cufflinks, Patek Philippe. The feeling I get when my ensemble is perfectly designed and well executed: PRICELESS.

In all seriousness, I am forever grateful for the extra care and attention you have committed to me in the design of my wardrobe. From the first time I walked in your fine clothing store, it was abundantly clear that you are the consummate professional clothier and designer with impeccable tastes. Your sense for fitting one’s personality with their wardrobe is a wonderfully valuable skill and further, one that is incredibly unique. I have always thought of myself as a well-dressed person, but have since learned that quality and the perfect fit make a marked difference on how I look and more importantly, how I feel. I very much look forward to a long relationship of absolute trust and confidence with you and your company...

- Steve Frederickson

David, I do enjoy our visits to Davelle’s. Adam is so psyched about his new sports coat. That’s his favorite thing and he’s very excited about those new jeans. Just had to let you know. You really are in a league of your own. Thank you so much

- Diane Sinclair

David, Thank you for taking care of JR. High quality as always! He told me he received quite a deal and seemed pleased.

- Robert Demers

David is my personal designer. This is much more complex than clothing sales and tailoring. I can attest that he has made an enormous difference in my appearance and my ability to carry on my own business with the need to look my best at all times.

- Joe Lee Frank

I stopped by to visit David at Davelle today as I was reminded of a not so pleasant customer service experience. My brother had referred me to a “custom” tailor who was to make a suit that would fit me like a “glove”. I was very excited thinking this was my lucky day and was fitted for what I thought would be a one of a kind item. Needless to say, I received the suit weeks later in a box at my front door (what service I thought). Well, when I tried the suit on it fell well short of my “glove” like expectations. The tailor was from LA with a store on Rodeo Drive (where he claimed to have fit Shaq for a custom suit). I happened to be going to LA and he offered to re-fit me in person and alter to my expectation. Some weeks later the re-fitted suit arrived at my front door (yet again). This version was even worse that the first one. So, completely frustrated I took the “custom” suit to a local tailor and dropped another $200 to alter the “re-altered” suit yet again. The the end of th...

- Mark Schnurr

My belief is that the combination of intelligence used wisely, coupled with an exceptional work ethic, supported by a classic professional, and well-maintained, wardrobe is hard to beat. Through the years I have gravitated to Davelle because it is an independent source of high quality fashion for professionals.

When my sons were becoming college-ready, I began helping them prepare for a life in business, including the role of professional dress in the workplace. To my extreme satisfaction, they have adopted Davelle as a source for their business attire. They are now in the workplace, with well known firms in the area. They tell me that their dress has been an important contributor to their early success in business.

- Mel Rushing

David, Allow me to begin by saying that I cannot thank you enough for the outstanding customer service, clothing and pleasant banter over the past 20 years of doing business with you David. Amazing! I have been remiss in sending along my sincere thank you. Rarely a day goes by that I do not receive a comment and/or compliment on a shirt or a suit that I am wearing. Everyone that I have referred to you over the years has received the same level of service and success which is a testament to you and the Davelle Clothier’s team. Please keep up the stellar work.

It has been a wonderful journey and I cringe the day you retire. Kiddingly David, I will say that you are not allowed to retire until I do.

PS – slipping into one of my finely crafted Davelle suits is likened to putting on a suit of armor preparing for the days battles.

With tremendous appreciation and sincerity

- Shawn Landrigan

Meant to tell you this last time I was in the shop. Was in Austin, TX for a wedding a few weeks ago. Was wearing one of the suits I bought at the moving sale last year. 350+ people at the wedding. A woman I don't know comes up to me and says, "Best suit of the night." I smiled. Thought you would as well.

- Alan Gilbert

Dear Mr. Eisele Sr. and Mr. Rassoul, I wanted to email you both and remark on the excellent service that was provided to me today. I arrived for my appointment on time and was greeted by Hussein, who warmly welcomed me and showed me several suits that fit my frame. I was taken aback, honestly. Most clothing stores just point you to a clothes rack and then serve you when you purchase the suit. Instead, Hussein took every care to show me the intricacies of the suits the company offered, the many tailoring and bespoke options available, and ensured that I didn't feel pressured. While I did select a more affordable option (and took advantage of your generous suit trade-in sale), I would be remiss if I didn't select your store for my next, more luxurious suit. In the end, I fell favor towards the "Byron" suit (particularly because it's my last name and I got some amusement out of it), but mostly because the fabric and quality felt superior to the Macy's-bought suit I purchased two ...

- Chase C. Kellogg Byron

I picked everything up. All looks absolutely fantastic. More importantly, the Boss says my new clothes are “stunning.” She isn’t often that effusive about me after 20 years of marriage.

- Steven Cook

Going from rarely getting a mention regarding my clothing to getting positive praise every single day I put on something that David coached me on. Just in the last week, I attended an exclusive Summer Board of Directors event attended by approximately 60 of the most influential leaders from the world of franchising. I only gave David two days notice - and he directed me to a couple of 7 Downey Street shirts, Canali Slacks paired with a Zegna and a Vitale Barberis Canonico sport coat and WOW! My head is swelling from all the praise.

- Keith Gerson

My favorite Davelle Clothiers memory is when young Dave offered me my choice of an IPA or Whiskey to enjoy while we picked out and designed a few custom Davelle polos!

- Anthony (Tony) Nader Jr

From the first time my husband Tom stepped into Davelle and continuing until present day, he begins to laugh. Spending a lot of money to look good is a completely foreign experience for him. I actually enjoy seeing this side of him and appreciate the care David has taken to make him feel better about himself. Woman are use to this experience, men not so much. Thanks for taking such great care of him and congratulations on so many years of taking care of other men as well

- Julie McKernan

I was referred to davelle by some co workers. I was looking for a suit for a funeral. Myself being a auto technician, i came in my work clothes wearing my work boots. When i walked through the door i was treated the same as any other customer who came through the door wearing a suit. I instantly knew i came to the right place. Dave Jr. was very knowledgeable and worked with me to get a nice suit that meets my needs within my budget. There is definitely a difference between going to davelle as apposed to another run of the mill suit shop. I told Dave Jr. i would refer everyone to him. I dont buy suits often but Davelle treated me great and i will be a customer for life.

- Wyatt Huber

Dave Jr. helped to guide me through the process of building a custom suit from scratch. Davelle really takes the time to make you feel like family. One on One personal service with no rush. I had always wanted a custom made suit, and choosing Davelle was the best choice I made. I would highly recommend Davelle Clothiers!

- Nick Granger

As I observe our team, I do have some questions. For example, how does Greg "GQ" Wright pack? He has matching shoes for each of his outfits. Does he travel with a steamer trunk?” P.S. You are a sharp dresser! It is a testimony of your good work and customer service. I am always happy to refer someone to Davelle Clothiers (if I know they are serious). Thank you

- Greg Wright

11921 Freedom Dr. Suite 100 Reston, VA 20190 | 703.904.0011

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