What Clothes Say About You

How much time do you have to make a great first impression? A few minutes? As long as you need? No- you only have 7 seconds to make a first impression! That is all the time it takes for someone to size you up and subconsciously form conclusions about you.

Before you shake hands with the CEO, or open your mouth to give that killer presentation, your clothes have already spoken volumes. What you wear says a great deal about your priorities, self-worth, decision-making skills, and ability to take charge of a situation.

Don’t overlook the power your wardrobe can have! You can make an instant impression by projecting a look of confidence and worth, and you can reinforce this every day by investing in the right wardrobe.

There are many misconceptions in the workplace regarding attire and image. In some cases the “Casual Friday” concept has grown into the mantra “it doesn’t matter how I look.”

But savvy professionals understand that dressing down doesn’t mean sloppy and ill-fitting, and they know that a powerful reputation takes root in a powerful image. They let their wardrobe work for them, rather than rely on extra effort to make up for blending into the background.

You can be one of them, and with our help you can transform your image. With the right quality attire, an impeccable fit, and the development of your own style, you’ll be amazed at the first and lasting impression you will make.

Watch this video to learn how to avoid these 8 deadly sins of menswear, you are looking good.

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