What You Can Do to Help in the Midst of Covid-19

What You Can Do to Help in the Midst of Covid-19

Over the past couple of weeks, our world has been turned upside-down. Every aspect of our lives is different now, and our ability to cope with sudden change and hardship is being tested at every turn. Being blindsided like this is a lot to deal with, and we can all feel a little helpless at times. Here are three things you can do to make the road a bit easier for yourself and those around you.

1. Keep yourself and others healthy. It goes without saying that human life is the top priority right now, and that we all have to do everything we can to avoid making this situation worse than it already is. It’s essential to keep up with good hygiene practices, and follow all official guidance on isolation and social distancing. For those currently sheltering at home, protect your mental health by keeping up a daily routine, exercising how and when you can, and making time for leisure activities you enjoy.

2. Stay socially connected. Even though you can’t meet friends for lunch or coffee right now, there are still things you can do from your home to stay connected with the community. Have a FaceTime chat with with a friend who lives by themselves and is dealing with this alone, or with an elderly person who may be feeling particularly frightened at this time. Check in frequently with friends and family on social media. If you’re going out to get supplies, find out if anyone you know needs something dropped off on their doorstep. Make this difficult situation a little easier for the people in your life by letting them know you’re there for them.

3. Support small businesses. The economy is taking a huge hit across the globe. Small businesses are the heart of every community, and they are definitely hit the hardest during a crisis like this, especially with so many retailers being forced to temporarily shut their doors. If you want to see your favorite small businesses weather this storm, order take-out or delivery from restaurants you like, and check the websites and social media pages of businesses you frequent to find out how they’re engaging with customers at this time. You may still be able to place orders or take advantage of special offers, and every little bit helps to keep those small business afloat until things get back to normal.

Coping with the Covid-19 outbreak is certainly a challenge, but we’re strong and we can weather that challenge together. In the meantime, many of you have asked how you can support us during this trying time, and the answer is gift cards! We’re even offering bonus cards as a token of our appreciation. Your support means the world to us.

You can call the store at 703.904.0011 to order your gift card. If no one answers, please reach us by cell or email.

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If there’s anything we can do to help you, please don’t hesitate to contact any of us. We look forward to seeing you all in person again soon!

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