Why Our Trade-In Sale Is More Important than Ever

Why Our Trade-In Sale Is More Important than Ever

This year marks Davelle’s 24th annual Trade-In Sale, and this time around it has even greater meaning for both us and the community.

2020 has been exceptionally challenging for everyone, but it has also been a year of exceptional resilience in the face of those challenges. As always, the aim of our Trade-In Sale is to help you revitalize your wardrobe with the added benefit of helping those in need, and right now that help is more essential than ever as many members of the community strive to redefine their place in the workforce.

For those of us who are fortunate enough to be in a position to help others, it makes perfect sense to pass some of that good fortune on however and whenever we can.

The concept behind the Trade-In Sale is simple: bring in the clothes that you’re no longer wearing, and we’ll help you update your wardrobe for the fall and beyond with the latest looks from the world’s most luxurious brands. In turn, we’ll take your donated items and pass them on to Goodwill, along with five percent of the proceeds from the sale. The donations will help Goodwill give employment opportunities to those who need them, as well as providing important resources like job training and transportation to and from work.

The types of clothing you’re currently wearing on a typical weekday may not be the same as they were a year ago, and your body may be different, as well. This is the ideal chance to adapt to those changes and get the kind of wardrobe that makes more sense for the lifestyle you’re living now. Even if you’re working from home, your clothing still sets the tone for the day. As always, the goal is to be polished and professional, but now there’s an added priority for comfort.

When you bring in your old jackets, shirts, slacks, ties, sweaters, jeans, and other items of clothing you’re no longer wearing, we’ll help you build a new wardrobe that’s a little more flexible, with outfits that can transition from morning Zoom meetings all the way through to date nights or a weekend driving trip. It’s the perfect balance to navigate life in the “new normal.”

At Davelle, giving back has always been one of our core values, but this year the opportunity feels even more special. We’re so grateful to be sharing this important event with you, and to be supporting such a great cause. Come in before October 31st, and let’s help Goodwill transform lives while we help you transform your wardrobe!

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