Holiday Party Panache- Here’s How

Your calendar is full of holiday festivities…are you ready to let your style shine?  Whether your next party is a highly anticipated event or just a required appearance, this is the perfect opportunity to leave behind your everyday look and show a different side.

Perhaps you’ve already envisioned making an entrance with a special guest on your arm and a knock out look from head to toe.  But if the picture gets a little cloudy when it comes to how you’re attired, let the style consultants at Davelle help you create just the right look with these simple steps.

First, always dress above what is required.  If you find you are overdressed, you can always remove an item.  Holiday formal means business suit and tie. If it’s a formal event, then it is what it is, like it or not.  If it’s business casual, always wear a nice pair of pants, shirt, tie and a jacket.  The key is the jacket, always wear a jacket to an event.  It gives you an edge and sets you apart, making you look more defined and better dressed than your fellow revelers.  Just like a picture needs a frame, your look isn’t complete until you put on the jacket.

Second, be sure to ask what your significant other is wearing.  In addition to being just good common sense, it gets her involved in the planning.  You can complement her outfit with the right shirt, tie, or accent piece.  She’ll not only appreciate how you look, but she will be delighted in the way your special touches highlight her outfit and make her look even better.

Last, and most important, be prepared.  Last minute efforts only end in failure.  If you don’t know what you need to wear or how to complete a look, just ask us.  Even better, bring in what you are planning to wear and we’re happy to give you feedback.

Now you look great, but be sure to check yourself one more time for the final touch.  Do you need a pocket square?  Cuff links?  Now you are ready to make merry, and while you do you can enjoy looking and feeling your best.  And be sure to capture your look with a few pics- and send one our way! We’d love to see your holiday style, just post photos on our Facebook page, to our Twitter page, or email them to

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