Resolve to Look Your Best in 2012, Part II- The Right Start

Resolve to Look Your Best in 2012, Part II- The Right Start

In our last post we talked about why you should commit to making this the year to polish your professional image.  It’s all about style- developing your own style and not hesitating to express it.Think about the last time you knew you were impeccably dressed.  How did you feel?  Confident, capable, powerful, and ready for anything I suspect.

Who wouldn’t want to feel that way everyday?

It isn’t as hard as you might think.  Start with following four principles- they will put you solidly on the right track.

First, make sure you approach your wardrobe with the right mindset.  You are making an investment in how you present yourself, not just a series of purchases.  This investment will serve you for the long term, not just fill a short term need.

Second, choose quality over quantity.  Nothing is easier to spot than poorly made goods.  You know it when you wear the clothes, and it shows in how you carry yourself.  The right quality pieces will serve you well over the test of time.  Learn what defines quality, we will explain every detail demonstrates the quality of every item we carry.

Third, the right fit is the key.   Educate yourself on your body type and how to accent the positive.  Learn how a suit should fit- the jacket length, the type of pants, the positioning, and how it balances your silhouette.  The right fit ensures you will look impeccable, which in turn makes you feel great.  That feeling translates into a powerful self assurance that doesn’t go unnoticed.

Fourth, once you have invested in our quality clothing- fit to perfection- you have a wardrobe that is ready to be coordinated.  Colors, patterns, contrast, fabrics- once you understand the fundamentals you will be equipped show some style!  We will walk you though these rules as we create your wardrobe as well as help you put together specific looks for every occasion and situation.

There is a lot to learn about how to present yourself, but with these four fundamentals you’re on your way.  This can be the year you make it happen, we’re here to help!  Polish up your image and ramp up your style, you will find you not only feel better, but the impression you leave will make this your best year ever.

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