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Made in America is a phrase that can sometimes be part of debates or disagreements, particularly when it intersects with politics and economic policy.  If you’ve looked at some of the marketing materials in the store (and we hope you do!) you might notice the phrase Made in America.

Davelle Clothiers owner and CEO David A. Eisele Sr. states, “I am so proud to carry the very finest menswear from around the world.  Our business in continental, with many of our vendors and brands located in Europe and occasionally other parts of the world.  But without a doubt, as a business owner and master designer, I am proudest of our products from the United States.”

He continues, “As both a designer (and manufacturer) of my Master Collection, and a retailer, I am constantly looking for the right intersection of value and quality.  There are places where you can get inexpensive products.  But the reality is the quality just isn’t there.  Whether it is a poor fit, poor materials, or poorly constructed (possibly even pre-fabricated), or all of the above, it doesn’t hold up to the products where an investment is made.”

David’s Master Collection embodies the definition of the value- the very best for the very least.  What you get for your investment is a hand mastered, custom suits made in the bespoke tradition, put together by craftsman in a New York City factory.  “With a US manufacturer, I can control the workmanship and quality of labor”, David explains.

“You can save money, but if it doesn’t meet my standards, the value is low.  When you compare what you get with my line for the price, there is a tremendous value.”  If you don’t know what to look for to determine the quality of a garment, just ask any of us (or you can always read David’s book).  And we welcome clients asking us where an item is from, it is a great starting point to a conversation that will hopefully be informative and ultimately help meet your needs,” he concludes.

Two other of America’s own brands are Hickey Freeman and Allen Edmonds.  This month we will feature the best of America with a special event and special offer (be sure you are on our email list, that is the only way you will hear about it!).  We will talk more about both companies in future posts, and we encourage you to buy American, by Americans!

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