Davelle Clothiers at the New York MRket Show

Davelle Clothiers at the New York MRket Show

Over the past two weeks, David Eisele Sr, Owner and CEO,  Dave Eisele Jr, Vice-President of Visual Merchandising, and Dan Fox, Vice-President of Merchandising have zipped back and forth from DC to New York to participate in one of the most important times of the fashion year.

While most people are still getting settled into the new year, the Davelle team has their eyes set on the future, creating their vision for the vendors, styles, and merchandise that will adorn the store over the next year.

The centerpiece of the trip is the MRket Fall/Winter 2012 show, a professional trade show for the fashion retail trade.  The trio spent several long days at this show, which represents the best in clothing, accessories, footwear, outerwear and contemporary sportswear from North America and abroad.

The show features over 200 booths of the finest menswear.  With just two days to work with, the team worked quickly, visiting about 50 booths each day.  In determining which booths to stop by, Dan Fox notes, “We don’t plan out a set route with specific vendors, instead we go to the show with an open mind, looking for who has the best and most creative products for the upcoming season.  That way we can ensure we always have the best for our clients.”

This year the team was impressed by Scott Barber Apparel, and placed an order for their shirts.  David Sr. remarks, “They have a tremendous interpretation of clean fabrics and lines, as well as rich color tones done in the traditional style but with an updated feel.”  Davelle Clothiers is the exclusive carrier of these shirts in the area.

The trend for this year?  Dan Fox states, “This year you will see the return of creativity in men’s fashion.  After several years of pressure from the economy and playing it a bit on the safe side, American designers have more life and energy, taking chances and pushing forward.  The industry is healthy and growing, with more European designers participating in the show and American designers showing innovation in terms of fabric and patterns.  You will see a lot of amazing items coming into the store throughout the year.”

On this first trip the team also bookmarked their days with early morning and late evening trips to designer showrooms, where designers’ representatives present merchandise and selections are made.  The second trip focused exclusively on these showroom visits.  We will tell you more about these visits in our next posts.  If you have any questions or anything you’d like to hear more about, let us know!

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