The Best of America

This year, Davelle Clothiers celebrates our twentieth year in business, a milestone of which I am especially proud. As I was readying the store for our Best of America Special Event, I began to think about the history of the two American brands that we’re featuring at our April 16th event, Hickey Freeman and Allen

March “Magli” Madness Winner!

The Madness is over – the tumultuous tournament has come to a close. With all the Cinderella stories that went on, how appropriate that our March Magli Madness prize is a pair of shoes! They’re not glass and this time they go to the prince instead of the princess but our winner Ivan W. is

Matching Shoes and Socks 101

With all the buzz about our fabulous men’s designer shoes, it’s a good time to write about matching our shoes with equally fabulous socks. Even a “fashionista” may have a hard time choosing socks to match an outfit from the abundance of sock choices available in fine men’s clothing stores. Although it’s tempting to assume

A Special Tie Event

With 2011 marking the 20th Anniversary of Davelle Clothiers, we thought it would be fitting to return to one of the items that helped build our success – the humble tie. A great tie can help you build your success, as well. And of course, ties can be much more than humble – they are powerful

Making Menswear Last

Getting the most of your menswear purchase means more than always buying the best – though that is always the first step. Regardless of economic conditions, you want the most value for your purchase, especially with your custom-tailored pieces – and with proper care, they should last for years, even decades. These simple precautions will


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