Making Menswear Last

Getting the most of your menswear purchase means more than always buying the best – though that is always the first step. Regardless of economic conditions, you want the most value for your purchase, especially with your custom-tailored pieces – and with proper care, they should last for years, even decades.

These simple precautions will extend the life of your garments and keep you looking your best for years to come.

After wearing, brush jackets, slacks, shirts, and ties with a soft, firm-bristled brush to loosen any dirt and groom the fibers. The process itself will also help you spot any problems, small holes, stretched seams or hidden stains before they become bigger headaches.

Hang your clothes where they can breathe – no overstuffing your closet! Luxury fabrics have a saliency and are able to shed wrinkles if left to hang. A cedar-lined closet is best.

Give your clothes a rest! Simply giving your garments a 24-hour rest between wearings will help with wrinkles and extend the life of your garment.

Empty your pockets between wearings. Full pockets pull at seams and can stretch the fabric out of shape.

Always treat stains promptly, and make sure your clothes are free of stains before storing.

Get to know your dry cleaner. A reputable, reliable dry cleaner is worth the price every time, so be choosy and ask around for the best in your area. Don’t be tempted to cut corners on cleaning – one ruined garment will cost you much more than anything you may have saved.

Press and clean your garments at least once a season, and more if needed.

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