Matching Shoes and Socks 101

With all the buzz about our fabulous men’s designer shoes, it’s a good time to write about matching our shoes with equally fabulous socks. Even a “fashionista” may have a hard time choosing socks to match an outfit from the abundance of sock choices available in fine men’s clothing stores. Although it’s tempting to assume that if the rest of the outfit goes together then you’ve done your job, the truth is that the wrong combination of shoes and socks can spoil your look.

Lesson 1 Establish a Smooth Transition
As a rule, you should match your socks to your pants to create a clean line from pants cuff to toe. Think about a luxury automobile– the interior coordinates with the exterior which adds to the overall appeal.

Lesson 2 Banish the White Socks
Your shoes and socks should be darker than or the same tone as your top. This means, gentlemen that we reserve our white socks to the gym only or forever be relegated to a fashion “don’t”.

Lesson 3 Choose the Right Fabric
Fabric is another consideration, especially in warmer months. Natural fabrics like wool and cotton are absorbent, so they breathe better and offer the most comfort. As a rule, thicker socks for winter, lighter socks for summer. Davelle carries a wonderful selection of breathable cottons that are perfect as we head into spring.

Lesson 4 Coordinate Patterns
This is where even the savviest dresser can feel perplexed. Relax; we’ll share our infallible match-method with you. The key to wearing patterned socks is to match the dominant color in the socks to color of your slacks. For example, pair gray slacks with a striped gray sock, navy pants with those navy socks with the tan dots, and the black slacks with the multi-colored argyles, as long as black is the pattern’s central color.

With the right sock assortment in your armoire, your feet will always appear in perfect accord with your outfit. As always, our Wardrobe Consultants are happy to help you with your selection.

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