A Special Tie Event

A Special Tie Event

With 2011 marking the 20th Anniversary of Davelle Clothiers, we thought it would be fitting to return to one of the items that helped build our success – the humble tie. A great tie can help you build your success, as well. And of course, ties can be much more than humble – they are powerful communicators of attitude, prestige, and ambition.

Right now, Davelle is pleased to offer a selection of our quality ties, from a variety of designers, in a special buy one, get one free event. Each of these ties was personally selected by our wardrobe design consultants for style, construction, and versatility. The right tie can bring an outfit together in a way that makes it more than the sum of its parts, so take advantage of this limited-time offer to select stylish, quality ties with the help of a Davelle wardrobe designer for a very special price.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when building your tie collection:

  • Ideally, there are at least ten ties in your closet, so that you can coordinate with every shirt and jacket combination you own.
  • If you are still building your wardrobe, consider Foulard, solid, and conservatively striped ties in red, blue, or yellow. Green is an up-and-coming fourth standard color.
  • Always insist on 100% silk for your ties – they’ll look better, tie better, and properly cared for, they will last a lifetime. Avoid polyester ties altogether, and limit any wool, cotton, or linen ties you have to extremely casual wear.
  • Select the knot that best works for your shirt collar. Unsure which one is right? Only know one knot? Have one of our wardrobe consultants demonstrate the Davelle knot – an easy-to-tie, versatile knot suitable for most any collar.

Our selection of ties for this event features highly sought-after styles from a variety of name-brand designers, like Zegna, Zianitti, Robert Talbott, Davelle Gold and more, so make plans to join us before the perfect ties for your wardrobe are gone.

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