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Athletes Hit the Red Carpet, But How Did they Do?

I am an avid sports fan, as are most of us at Davelle Clothiers.  As you know, I am the official designer of DC United, and outfit many of the coaches and players in the area.  Just like any other profession, it is critical for professional athletes to look their best. The ESPN ESPY awards,

To Tie or Not to Tie?

A tie for Father’s Day- good or bad idea?  Some marketers have tried to create a backlash against tie giving, so as to sell any and every other type of product for Dad. But the tie has gotten a bad rap!  It isn’t giving a tie for Father’s Day that is the problem, it is

Having a Fit in the Fitting Room Part II

In our last post we talked you into taking a look at custom, rather than take a lot of time and possible waste a lot of money on clothes with a poor fit.  Before you set out, you need to know the truth about the custom clothing world. Like with any product, a touch of

Having a Fit in the Fitting Room

“Clothing Size Conundrum”- this was the name of the April 10th Kojo Nnamdi show airing on WAMU 88.5.  The episode touched on a variety of topics and themes, including vanity sizing, how people feel about their bodies, and shopping patterns.  But the core issue was fit- how does one get the best fit when shopping?

David’s Master Collection Ties

You might not have realized it at the time, but if you’ve been in the store before, you’ve seen ties from David’s Master Collection label.  These ties rival any other designer ties we carry, as they are not only beautiful and stylish, they are also of the utmost quality. There are many stages involved in

America’s Own

Our last blog discussed three brands that exemplify the best of America- Hickey Freeman, Allen Edmonds and David’s Master Collection.  Here’s a little more on the first two- if you’re already a fan, perhaps some things you didn’t know.  Or, if you are new to these brands, hopefully this information will encourage you to try

Made In America

Made in America is a phrase that can sometimes be part of debates or disagreements, particularly when it intersects with politics and economic policy.  If you’ve looked at some of the marketing materials in the store (and we hope you do!) you might notice the phrase Made in America. Davelle Clothiers owner and CEO David

Designer Showroom Visits- How We’re Different

In our last post we talked about the January MRket show in New York.  After the show, the three came back to Reston but made the trip to NYC again just one week later for three days packed with showroom visits.David Eisele Sr, Owner and CEO,  Dave Eisele Jr, Vice-President of Visual Merchandising, and Dan


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