David’s Master Collection Ties

You might not have realized it at the time, but if you’ve been in the store before, you’ve seen ties from David’s Master Collection label.  These ties rival any other designer ties we carry, as they are not only beautiful and stylish, they are also of the utmost quality.

There are many stages involved in designing these ties.  First, David selects the best materials- the highest quality silk.  The fiber is the highest gauge density of silk you can possible get.  Compare this 32 ounce silk to the typical department store or off-price retailers- theirs are 12 ounce or at the most, 16 oz, and there is no comparison.

The substantial weight of the silk used in David’s Master Collection ties means that when you tie the knot this fabric will release the wrinkle and therefore the fabric will resist wrinkles.  We also specialize in sateen fabrics, which has a very high finish to it.

These ties not only look remarkable but they perform very well.  A protection band around the center of the fabric around your neck prevents perspiration from eating away at the fibers.  The band also helps the tie hold its shape so that even after excessive tying, it still holds its shape.

When selecting designs for production this spring, David looked for new and exciting colors such as aqua, cantaloupe, and raspberry.  These fresh colors are really working this spring.

In the design process David also created ties with a mild color background and an accent jewel tone medallion or symbol.  Several ties also featured some white so that they will really pop with a white shirt.

In this photo you can see David’s creativity come into focus as he makes the final design selections before production for spring.  Only 60% of the ties David designs make it to the final stage to ensure only the best are available for our clients.

Made in Italy outside of Milan, the process takes 6 months.  You won’t find any mass production here.  Only one tie per pattern is created.  Your David’s Master Collection tie is not only phenomenal, but truly unique.

– Written by Tim Bumba

Sr Wardrobe Designer


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