To Tie or Not to Tie?

To Tie or Not to Tie?

A tie for Father’s Day- good or bad idea?  Some marketers have tried to create a backlash against tie giving, so as to sell any and every other type of product for Dad.

But the tie has gotten a bad rap!  It isn’t giving a tie for Father’s Day that is the problem, it is the tradition of giving bad ties that needs to end.  Maybe they are last minute purchases, just grabbing something, anything.  Or maybe they didn’t know what to select.  These are the purchasing practices that turned the tie into a stereotype.

But you can defy the stereotype with a little know how. At Davelle, whether it is the last minute or not, we will ensure you get a superb tie.  And whether he has a few or a few too many ties, the one you buy from us will likely be his favorite.

What does he do for a living?  Does he make presentations, have lots of meetings, or mostly work at his desk?  Does he like to make a statement or is he a bit conservative?  How old is he?  What kinds of patterns does he like?

We’ll use the information you provide, then with our experience and expertise we’ll present options that are true to the man, but still unique, interesting and above all supremely stylish.  No matter what you tell us about your Dad, we will find a way to up his style just a notch.

So even if he sees the tie box from a mile away, once he sees what you’ve thoughtfully selected he will cherish wearing it and thinking of you each time. The fact that the tie is of the utmost quality doesn’t go unnoticed either and he knows he will get a long life from this gift.  So make things easy this year- don’t struggle over a gift, just come on in and we’ll guide you through our extensive selection of luxury ties.

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