Athletes Hit the Red Carpet, But How Did they Do?

Athletes Hit the Red Carpet, But How Did they Do?

I am an avid sports fan, as are most of us at Davelle Clothiers.  As you know, I am the official designer of DC United, and outfit many of the coaches and players in the area.  Just like any other profession, it is critical for professional athletes to look their best.

The ESPN ESPY awards, which aired July 11th, have become the place for athletes to show off their red carpet style.  So how did they do?

Like the rest of us, athletes come in all shapes and sizes, and the right fit is an important as ever.  Many of the commenters noted, “Most of the athletes could have used another fitting or two,” and I don’t disagree.

One athlete stood out by demonstrating the perfect fit- Eli Manning.  His appearance was very put together, with an elegant ensemble.  He projected a high level of authority with an excellent fit.

On the other hand  Tim Tebow had a few missteps.  Look at the fit of Tebow’s suit and you will notice it is too long in several places- the sleeves, the pants, and the rise.  The girth is too tight, causing the coat to break at half waist.

We also noticed many athletes going with trendy looks.  Thin lapels and thin ties are popular right now, and can be a great for many young guys.  But if you have an athletic build, it isn’t the most flattering look.  You don’t want to look squeezed into a tight suit, rather make sure you suit enhances your shape.

For the mesomorphs, medium-build types with an athletically shaped body, the goal is to add breadth to your appearance, with shaping at the waist.  A semi-natural to medium shoulder coat, no narrow shoulders or lapels (3″ width works best) along with any fabric that has depth.

It is great fun to watch professional athletes step out of their uniforms and walk the red carpet.  Whether you are an athletic or not, I know how to work with your body type to accentuate the positive and minimize the rest.  In fact, when done properly, your wardrobe can make you look even better than a professional athlete!

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