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The Dinner Jacket

Dress simply. If you wear a dinner jacket, don’t wear anything else on it … like lunch or dinner. ?George Burns  When you hear the words dinner jacket, what images come to mind? To me, the dinner jacket captures the essence of a more romantic era of 1930’s Hollywood. In the golden film era the

Caring For Your Shirts

You’ve just bought some new dress shirts and want to maximize their lifespan? With a little loving care and tenderness, your will last a long time, but don’t assume that all shirts should be cared for in the same manner. Whether you’ve purchased a shirt from Davelle (congratulations – you look fabulous!) or elsewhere (we’ll

It’s a Hold Up! Embracing the Brace

Throughout history, when it came to holding up their trousers, men have followed the fashion dictates of the era. While braces ?otherwise known as suspenders? have been in and out of fashion over the last century, they are becoming popular again in America and Britain following the resurgence of styles seen in period movie dramas

The Best of America

This year, Davelle Clothiers celebrates our twentieth year in business, a milestone of which I am especially proud. As I was readying the store for our Best of America Special Event, I began to think about the history of the two American brands that we’re featuring at our April 16th event, Hickey Freeman and Allen


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