Why Financing a Major Clothing Purchase Makes Sense

We finance our homes, our cars and our vacations. We save for years for our kids’ educations and our retirement. But finance a clothing purchase? Is it a smart move, or just plain nuts?

If you reflect about the expenses that I just mentioned, we don’t just save up for these items because of their cost, but because of their worth and long range value. Our homes give us shelter, security, and a place to plant roots. Our cars are a necessity for getting us to essential destinations like work, the grocery store and the golf course. We finance an engagement ring because we want to make a statement of lasting love and commitment that will last a lifetime.

You’re probably thinking that this is all well and good, but your wardrobe won’t last a lifetime, so why not either purchase less costly clothing or wait until you can afford the wardrobe before buying? Why make a major clothing purchase on a finance plan?

As I said in a recent blog post:

“I firmly believe that how a man dresses is an outward indication of who he is on the inside. When he dresses in a custom-made suit and hand-tailored shirt, he’s saying that he takes pride in himself. It shows that he appreciates quality and craftsmanship and attention to detail. That’s he’s not afraid to be taken seriously and be given new challenges and responsibility, because he’s worth it.”

I also advise my clients to dress for the professional level to which they aspire. If they want that corner office, their presence should say “I deserve that corner office”. If you follow my logic, then financing your professional clothing purchase is strategically sound. Choose a quality wardrobe as a successful professional would, and success will follow.

Beginning in September, I will be offering 12 month financing on any purchase of $750 or more, on approved credit. It’s a wonderful opportunity for any man or woman who aspires to enhance their image and their career.

The view is spectacular from the corner office, and in a Davelle suit, you’ll look spectacular as well.

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