It’s a Hold Up! Embracing the Brace

It’s a Hold Up! Embracing the Brace

Throughout history, when it came to holding up their trousers, men have followed the fashion dictates of the era. While braces ?otherwise known as suspenders? have been in and out of fashion over the last century, they are becoming popular again in America and Britain following the resurgence of styles seen in period movie dramas as well as from celebrity wears including Daniel Craig and Larry King.

Whether you choose leather, silk or boxcloth, braces are a stylish option if belts don’t work well for you, or if you just want to express your own personal style.

General rules:

• In traditional or formal settings, it is considered a faux pas to wear both suspenders and a belt at the same time. Redundant as well.
• It is now considered acceptable on both sides of the Atlantic for braces to be visible
• Brightly colored braces, while considered gauche in Britain, are all the rage in the US

Davelle Clothiers makes custom braces from fine silk tie fabric to coordinate with your favorite Davelle tie. The quality is impeccable and I guarantee the compliments will flow like spring rain. Let us help you to choose the right look for you.

Davelle also carries Trafalgar and Trafalgar Limited Edition hand woven silk braces. They are hands down the finest men’s braces available. Meticulously designed and crafted, each is individually created by Trafalgar craftsman to ensure the utmost in quality, fit and style.

Trafalgar Limited Edition braces have some fun styles, from martini glasses and cigars to airplanes and golf clubs that let you express your interests and unique personality. Trafalgar braces are available by special order at our store, and our Wardrobe Consultants will be happy to help you with your selection.

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