Your Clothier Closed. Now What?

Your Clothier Closed. Now What?


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We recently heard the sudden and unexpected news that Sofios Clothier, located in McLean, Virginia, closed it doors.  We have since had Sofios clients calling us, asking “now what”?

We’re ready for you!  This year marks our 25th year in business, so there is no question we are here to stay.

We similarly get calls from people in a panic  their online tailor disappears after the job isn’t done correctly.  Suddenly, they can’t find the clothier who made so many promises.  

That is one reason why we have resisted the overwhelming push to take our business online- we want to be in a brick and mortar location where clients always know exactly where and how to find us.  That reputation is the cornerstone of our longevity.  

Likewise with the traveling clothier who only comes to your home or office.  They can offer you the world, but our new clients who have been let down by their follow through tell a different story.  

So how to avoid this?  Do you research, check out the testimonials and ask questions before you invest your time and money.  Ask for examples of how a situation was handled when a client wasn’t happy.

You can read our testimonials here

We hope you aren’t in the situation of suddenly needing a new clothier.  But if you are, check us out and then give us a call!

11921 Freedom Dr. Suite 100 Reston, VA 20190 | 703.904.0011

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