Why Top Dyeing Is Especially Important Right Now

Why Top Dyeing Is Especially Important Right Now

Earlier in the year we talked about the difference in various dyeing processes, and how the way your clothes are dyed makes a significant difference to the appearance and quality of the final product. For example, piece dyeing involves undyed yarn being woven into fabric, and then the pieces of fabric are dipped in a dye bath, creating a fabric that is inexpensive, but lacks any depth or visual interest. One step up is yarn dyeing, where the yarn is dyed before the weaving process, resulting in a much more consistent color and better-looking fabric that is somewhat more costly to make.

When it comes to the finest fabrics in the world, though, top dyeing is how luxury cloth manufacturers achieve the richest, most intense colors. In the top dyeing process, fibers are dyed prior to being spun into yarn, and subsequently different shades of fibers can be blended to achieve vibrant, complex yarns that then get woven into extraordinarily beautiful fabrics. The visual depth is stunning, and many top dyed fabrics border on being works of art.

Luxury fabric houses like Dormeuil go one step further and use weave construction to add texture to an already dynamic top dyed fabric, creating one-of-a-kind looks that are as dazzling as they are durable.

So why is it so important to be reminded of top dyeing right now?  Why does the quality of the fabric you choose even matter?

It’s time to stop thinking of clothes as disposable. The amount of waste we’re creating on this planet is astounding, and the more we can commit ourselves to sustainable practices, the better off we’ll all be in the long run. Buying piles of cheaply-made clothes just to wear them through and throw them away a season or two later is not the way forward. Quality pieces should last you many years, and should keep looking good even after long periods of regular wear.

The new year is coming, and this time it’s a big milestone. You know you’re starting to think about your style goals for 2020 and beyond, and committing to higher-quality clothing is a great goal to have. It’s better for you on several levels, and you’ll never regret having made the decision to treat your wardrobe as a long-term personal investment.

The holidays are the perfect time to dive in. We’ve still got all the December holidays coming up, and if you’ve got family gatherings and office parties and New Year’s Eve galas to attend, then you have a great reason to start trying out some pieces made with top dyed fabrics. They shimmer and radiate, and they can range from subtle and sophisticated to bold and dazzling. So no matter what your style preferences are, we can find you the ideal looks for all those important events.

You already know that quality clothing makes you feel good and look good, but it’s also a more responsible, more sustainable choice. Come in and explore your options – we have a fabulous range of the finest top dyed fabrics from Italian and English fabric houses, and we can help you finish 2019 and start 2020 looking better than you ever have.

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