Why Our Trade-In Sale Is So Important

Why Our Trade-In Sale Is So Important

Davelle Clothiers has been in business for 27 years, and this year marks our 22nd annual Trade-In Sale. The sale is one of our biggest events of the year, and it’s certainly the most important in terms of our commitment to giving back to the community.

The event started from a simple concept: a lot of us hang onto clothes that we no longer wear, for whatever reason. Sometimes it’s clothes that used to fit and that we hope will fit again someday, and even though we know it’s probably not going to happen, we’re trying to keep the dream alive. Other times it’s outdated styles that we tell ourselves may come back around again, when that’s almost certainly not the case. It can even be those ill-advised impulse purchases, things that you bought on a whim but then gave up on after a couple of outings.

Those clothes aren’t doing anyone any good getting perpetually shoved to the back of your closet. They’re cluttering everything up and keeping you from having the wardrobe you deserve. But what if those clothes could be doing someone some good, or better yet, what if your outdated clothes could help an entire community?

This is where our Trade-In Sale comes in. When you bring in your old clothes, we’ll give you trade-in value for new items so that you can have the latest styles, elevate your look, and clear out the clutter. In addition, the donated items and five percent of the proceeds of the sale go to Goodwill. When they in turn sell the items in their stores, it not only benefits the people who work at the stores, but the clothing sales provide resources for things like job training, and transportation for people to be able to get to and from work. In other words, our Trade-In Sale is a win/win situation for everyone – we get to give back to you, our customers, and together we all get to give back to the community as a whole.

Let’s face it – we’re all really fortunate to be where we are in life. If you’re in a position to be dressing in luxury clothing, then it makes sense to pass on some of that good fortune wherever and whenever you can, simply as a gesture of gratitude and kindness. We want to help you do just that, so be sure to bring your items to our Trade-In Sale before November 4th and get some new clothes while doing something good for the community. Goodwill is transforming lives, and we invite you to be a part of that transformation by letting us help you transform your wardrobe!

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