Why Now Is a Good Time for a Wardrobe Clean-Out

Why Now Is a Good Time for a Wardrobe Clean-Out

Everyone likes to talk about spring cleaning, but one of the best times to clear out your wardrobe is actually right now, before the end of the summer. With fall on the way, there’s a lot to do to get ready for the colder months, so here are a few things to consider.

You need to think about what you’ll need for the winter. Sure, it seems counterintuitive to think about winter in July and August, but because of the need to stay warm and all the extras that you have to incorporate, your cold-weather wardrobe is likely to be a lot more complicated that your summer one. You don’t want to wait until the cold is actually here to discover that your coat needs replacing, or that you’re missing some essential items and need to go shopping.

You have clothes that don’t fit. This isn’t just about this year, this is about the clothes you have from many years past, clothes you haven’t worn in ages. Like it or not, our bodies change over time, and what fit you perfectly a few years ago may not fit so well now. There’s no shame in it – just be honest about what’s no longer appropriate, decide what needs to be donated, and clear out some much-needed space for clothes you’ll actually wear.

You have clothes that need updating. We all know that styles shift as the years pass. There was a time when baggy suits were popular, and then the pendulum swung all the way in the other direction to suits that were uncomfortably tight. Luckily, the current style of suits for men is tailored to them, so it’s time to go through your current wardrobe and edit out any old styles – baggy coats and pants definitely need to go, as do too-tight silhouettes, pleats, and anything else that’s going to brand you as a fashion time traveler from the past.

You definitely want to check out the new fall styles. There are so many great English and Italian fabrics coming in for the new fall season, as well as fresh styles from the top designers, and all that space you’re clearing out is going to make room for some really great stuff. Assembling the perfect look is an art, so you’ll definitely want to start your shopping sooner rather than later, and start exploring what’s available for you this fall and winter.

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