Why Invest in a Tuxedo?

Why Invest in a Tuxedo?

It comes as no surprise to my customers that I love to dress up. I mean really dress up, as in black tie formal. Something inexplicable happens when I put on a custom-fitted tuxedo, vest, bow tie, patent leather shoes, cufflinks and studs ? I become Superman (minus the tacky blue tights, of course!)

Wearing perfectly tailored, quality formalwear makes a man feel as invincible as James Bond. So it amazes me that any man who dresses up frequently would opt for rented duds.

I attended a black tie dinner recently in honor of a friend. Seated next to me was a very nice gentleman who commented that this was the third formal business event that he had been obliged to accept in as many months.

He joked that he’d rented a tuxedo so many times this year that he had probably paid for it five times over. Since he was a direct sort of fellow himself, I asked him point blank, “Did it ever occur to you to that you would save money if you purchase formalwear of your own?”

Men are accustomed to thinking that formalwear is something you rent, not own. Others assume that it’s too expensive to buy the jacket, pants, vest, tie, cufflinks and studs. So when an invitation comes along for a black tie event they head to the rental store.

The fact is, even if you attend just two or three formal events each year, it makes sense to invest in formal wear. Here’s why:

    1. A rented tuxedo is sewn from cheaper material that is made to withstand the dry cleaning process? over and over and over again. Eventually, the material can become shiny and worn. When you buy a tuxedo, you get an infinitely higher quality of breathable, high quality luxury wool that looks and feels incredible.
    2. Rented formal wear is made to be let in and out, up and down. Waistbands are adjustable, like pants made for growing boys. You just do not get the same caliber of fit or comfort, and believe me, it shows!
    3. Tuxedos are a wonderful investment because they are a truly classic. A one or two button notch lapel was in style 50 years ago, and will still be appropriate in 50 more.
    4. It makes good financial sense to purchase your own formalwear. Consider that it costs about $175-$250 to rent a tuxedo. Starting at $995, you can buy a tuxedo of high quality luxury wool that is tailored to your measurements, and for another a modest amount more,  you can add a silk bow or Windsor tie, and a vest or cumberbund.

If you frequently attend black tie events, it’s time to invest in your own formalwear. If you visit Davelle Clothiers, you’ll find that we have wonderful styles and selection, plus everything you need from tux to shoes and everything in between.

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