Why Fall Is a Good Time to Refine Your Look

Why Fall Is a Good Time to Refine Your Look

As we’re heading toward the end of summer, a lot of things are changing in preparation for the colder seasons. The new year gets a lot of hype for being the “best” time to overhaul your physical appearance, but in terms of clothes and redefining your style, spring and fall are even more ideal to try something new or raise your game. With fall just around the corner, here are some things to keep in mind if you feel like you want to branch out and change a few things.

You can ease right into a more sophisticated look. If you’ve been known in the past for your perpetual shorts-and-t-shirts uniform, you might feel a bit self-conscious suddenly switching to a fully-tailored stylish wardrobe. The good news is, the transition from summer to fall brings an organic progression from bright ultra-casual styles, to more refined and mature looks. It happens pretty gradually as the weeks progress, so if you just follow along and go with the flow, making incremental changes as the season dictates, within a couple of months you’ll be looking more polished and sharp without having to make any jarring changes. People will slowly start noticing that you’re caring more about how you present yourself, but there doesn’t have to be a sudden total overhaul unless that’s specifically what you want.

The fall and winter weather will be on your side. As the nights and mornings draw in and get colder, everyone will naturally gravitate toward more layers, more complex combinations of colors, and a wider variety of fabric textures. This means greater opportunities for experimentation with each passing week, and you can let your imagination take advantage. Fall is a great time to start playing around with different pieces and accessories, and start discovering and defining all the little nuances of your unique style.

You can start building up to the holidays. Okay, it may feel a bit painful to start thinking about the holidays this early, but Thanksgiving will be here before you know it, and then after that it’s a full schedule of holiday activities straight through to January. If you start making small modifications to your wardrobe now, by the time those holidays roll around you’ll be ready to rock. Another great bonus is that people tend to go more all-out at the holidays anyway, so if you wanted an opportunity to start pushing the envelope and trying bolder choices, this is a good time to do just that.

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