Who Wears the Pants Around Here?

Who Wears the Pants Around Here?

Don’t think trousers say much about a person?  Then consider what the axiom “who wears the pants” is really asking: who has the power?

Don’t overlook this part of your wardrobe.  As always, quality over quantity is the answer. Quality in fit, style, coordination and construction- we will help you with all of these.

The right fit means your slacks sit one inch below your navel, not on your hips or at your armpits.  If the waist is tight when you purchase your slacks, it will only get tighter.  And always check your rise (the difference between your outseam minus your inseam).  Each manufacturer can vary by 1/2”, which makes a big difference in comfort!

Another fit checkpoint is your hips- is one of your hips lower on one side?  If so, it will cause buckling on the waist band. Also check to see if your back is out of line, causing your waistband to ripple.

When considering the cut and style of your slacks, remember that plain fronts are very slimming, but also very restrictive in the thigh area due to the loss of extra fabric.  Always sit down when trying on slacks to establish comfort.  If you do pleats, we will help you determine which is best for you- 1, 2, 3, the inverted pleat, or the box pleat.  Next we will help you decide… will it be cuffed or uncuffed?

Once the style of your slacks has been established, we will move on to color.  You can easily coordinate your wardrobe by starting with slacks in these foundational colors: navy, black, grey and taupe.  Additional colors will be determined by the “out of basic” colors in your sportswear.

Finally, look for the hallmarks of quality slacks- dress slacks should be made of Italian wool.  The versatility of few quality pairs of custom made slacks will do wonders for your wardrobe and make you look and feel great.  So make sure everyone you meet knows who wears the pants!

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