Which Items Should You Spend a Little More On?

Which Items Should You Spend a Little More On?

When you’re deciding how to divide up your clothing budget, what do you spend the most and least on?  With some items, you might be able to get away with a basic standard, but there are things that men tend to cut corners on that actually deserve more attention. So if you’re going to splurge on certain items, here’s what you should be splurging on:

1. The best quality shoes. Last week we talked about how important it is to have good shoes, but it can’t be said enough. Your shoes affect not only how your feet feel, but how your legs and back feel, as well. This is where craftsmanship really matters – not only cosmetically, but structurally. You want shoes that look great while also taking the best possible care of your feet.

2. Expert tailoring. There is an astonishing difference between clothes that simply fit, and clothes that fit perfectly. There’s also a big difference between just having something tailored, versus having it tailored by a master. It’s something that has to be experienced rather than explained – If you come in and have just one shirt tailored properly, when you see the improvement in how you look you’ll want all your clothes to be that way, all the time. It’s not an understatement to say that wearing tailored clothing can change your whole outlook.

3. Shirt fabric. It’s shocking how much men will spend on a suit, only to put a cheap shirt underneath it and completely ruin the effect. A shirt is not an afterthought; it’s an integral part of your overall look. Despite how a lot of people rationalize it, a nice tie and jacket don’t cover up a bad shirt, they simply underline the difference in quality between the shirt and the rest of your outfit, so make sure that shirt fabric is up to par and not letting you down.

4. A great pair of jeans. It can be notoriously difficult to find the right pair of jeans, ones that both look and feel good. This is definitely one of those cases where the better the quality is, the more likely you are to hit the mark in style and fit. Because of the nature of better-quality denim, a good pair of jeans will not only last you for many years, they’ll also improve in look and feel as you wear them. It’s worth it, then, to spend a little more and get it exactly right. Trends may come and go, but a classic pair of well-made jeans will always be stylish.

5. A versatile jacket. It’s surprising how many ways a jacket can be worn – as part of a suit, with khakis, or even with jeans to dress up a casual look. Your jacket is the most visible part of your outfit, so it needs to set the tone for everything else. This is not the place to skimp; with something that’s so front-and-center, you need to make sure it’s the highest possible quality, and of course the fabric and fit both need to be perfect.

Keep these five items at the top of your priority list when you’re shopping this season, and watch how it transforms your look!

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