What’s in Your Closet? What to Keep, What to Get Rid Of

What’s in Your Closet? What to Keep, What to Get Rid Of

Clean out the basement, garage or closet; these projects are likely on your permanent to-do list.  But with a little know-how I can help you get one of the three under control and working for you… your closet.

In addition to the how-to, I’m giving you what you might need even more- a kick in your (hopefully) well-tailored pants!  The 16th Annual Trade-In Sale provides all the motivation you need to get it done.

A classic win-win proposition… you are helping local disabled and disadvantaged individuals, while reaping the benefits of an upgraded wardrobe.  And, don’t forget you’ll enjoy a clean and organized closet too!

Where to start?  Don’t go it alone.  Find someone who will give an honest opinion and not let you fool yourself.  Together, fling open those closet doors and get ready to take a good hard look!

Start pulling out those trendy styles that are long out of date.  They won’t come back in style and you know it.  With our help, you’ll replace them with items that are stylish and timeless.

Next are the items that don’t fit properly.  Try them on and ask your second set of eyes what they think.  If it is the right style and quality, see if it just needs to be properly tailored.  But if the proportions are all wrong for your body type, or it doesn’t fit due to poor construction, it should go.  If you aren’t sure, bring it in.

Now we’ve come to the items you haven’t worn in a while.  Determine what length of time makes sense for you- maybe one year, maybe a bit longer.  If you haven’t worn it in that length of time, realistically you won’t wear it going forward.

Likely you bought it on impulse at a sale and it just wasn’t right for you.  Admit it and start shopping for your quality, fit, and your own personal style, rather than falling for gimmicky discounts.

By now you should have a good amount of items to donate to our Trade-In sale.  And you will feel great about replacing these items with fewer, better garments from Davelle Clothiers- items you will wear all the time and look great doing so!

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