What We’re Liking this Fall

We don’t do trend reports, because Davelle Clothiers is not trendy.  We are a store for men of style.  Style is timeless…and style is forever!  Fashion comes and goes, and entails letting others think for you rather than crafting your own image.

My team and I have carefully considered what are designers are offering for fall and selected only what we think is right for our customers, rather than buying entire trendy lines.   So you will find the store has a very thoughtful mix of designers and styles.

But we do have some suggestions for fall, it never hurts to have new ideas an update your wardrobe and your look!   By shopping for quality and fit, these ideas can become part of a lasting and stylish wardrobe rather than a faddish temporary purchase.

Here’s what we’re most excited about for fall-

  • Jewel tones: rich and luxurious colors such as plums, golds, teals, and raspberries.
  • Heavier fabrics with mill finishes such as flannels, tweeds and donegal.
  • Layering is important in casual wear and in dressy casual looks!
  • Darker color palettes using grey to mix with other colors.

Davelle Clothiers is different from other menswear stores in that we don’t look at it as selling clothing- we help you build the wardrobe that is right for you. While we do that, we can still incorporate what is new and exciting- and the best of what designers are sending down the runways.

Updating your style can be as easy as a new shirt and tie to make the suit or sportscoat look like new. Schedule your appointment at the store, or your home or office, to enjoy our unique approach!

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