What Is Your Ideal Style Profile?

What Is Your Ideal Style Profile?

Have you ever looked at someone and made an assumption about them based on how they were dressed?  Sure, we all have – and whether we like it or not, people are constantly assessing who they think we are based on what we wear. The great thing is, you can guide people into seeing you how you want to be seen, simply through the clothes you choose and how you wear them.

Your clothes are a window into your personality. In the first few seconds after you meet someone, what do you want their first impression of you to be? Reserved and introspective? Bold and outgoing? Relaxed and creative? Your clothing can say all these things about you and more.

If you’re not completely sure which style profile would suit you best, take our quiz below to find out. Once you have the answers to these questions, you’ll be able to create a style plan and build a wardrobe with exactly the right clothing for the image you want to project.


Question 1: I would define my job as…

A) Senior level in a corporate environment  [4 points]

B) Tech or software developer in a IT or tech-related environment [1 point]

C) Doctor, lawyer, or entrepreneur in an service-related environment [3 points]

D) Entry-level or middle management in an business environment [2 points]


Question 2: My profession requires me to wear…

A) A suit ensemble everyday  [4 points]

B) Occasionally a suit, with an emphasis on business casual [3 points]

C) Business casual, with an emphasis on comfort [1 point]

D) I’m encouraged to dress creatively; dress codes are not enforced in my workplace [2 points]


Question 3: I’m most likely to read…

A) The Wall Street Journal [4 points]

B) Wired [1 point]

C) Men’s Journal [3 points]

D) GQ [2 points]


Question 4: My idea of a perfect vacation is…

A) Exploring a little-known European city  [4 points]

B) Relaxing on a beach [1 point]

C) Going somewhere I’ve recently seen on social media or TV [3 points]

D) Going somewhere adventurous like a rainforest, a desert, or the mountains [2 points]


Question 5: On a lazy weekend, I’d most enjoy…

A) Sailing on a yacht  [4 points]

B) Wine-tasting with friends [3 points]

C) Watching a football game from the fifty-yard line [1 point]

D) Visiting the hottest club or lounge in the city [2 points]


Question 6: The music I’m most likely to listen to is…

A) The same music I’ve always listened to, I don’t really bother with anything new  [4 points]

B) I have eclectic taste and always try to discover new music [2 points]

C) I listen to new and old music, but only within a certain genre [1 point]

D) I listen to old music within a certain genre only [3 points]


Question 7: My ideal home is…

A) A mansion in the suburbs  [4 points]

B) An urban loft in the city [2 points]

C) A beach house with a view [1 point]

D) I just want to be somewhere with no traffic [3 points]


Question 8: My handheld device is an…

A) Android [3 points]

B) iPhone [2 points]

C) Flip phone [1 point]

D) BlackBerry  [4 points]


Question 9: A celebrity whose style I admire is…

A) Frank Sinatra  [4 points]

B) James Bond [3 points]

C) Dwayne “ The Rock” Johnson [2 points]

D) Brad Pitt [1 point]

E) Chris Hemsworth [2 points]


Question 10: My ideal vehicle is…

A) Mercedes Benz or BMW [4 points]

B) Audi or Cadillac  [3 points]

C) Volkswagen or Subaru [1 point]

D) Tesla  [2 points]


Now add your points up and find your ideal style profile below!

34 – 40 points: Ivy League Classic. You enjoy having a polished look. You appreciate the skill, tradition, and craftsmanship of clothing. Quality and style are critical to you and you want a classic wardrobe that’s built to last. You enjoy the finer things in life, and your clothes should portray a quiet confidence.

26 – 33 points: American Traditional. You’re an all-around American with a sense of adventure. You have timeless style but can also appreciate the current trends circulating on TV and in the celebrity world. Your wardrobe should be a collection of great ensembles plus a few knockout, attention-grabbing outfits.

18 – 25 points: Contemporary Trend. You like fashion and you’re not afraid to admit it. For you, fashion is another form of expression, like art or film. You like to stay on top of current trends. You can make edgy choices look easy, translating the runway into real life, and your clothes should reflect this.

10 – 17 points: Casual Connoisseur. You’ve mastered the balance between style and comfort, understanding that comfortable does not mean sloppy.  Your ideal clothes would serve multiple functions; a perfect choice would be a great-fitting polo that can transition from the office, to happy hour, to dinner with the family, and even to vacation.  As such, you should focus on tailored items that fit exquisitely and serve many purposes.

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