Two Hot Designers Hit Davelle Clothiers This Spring

Two Hot Designers Hit Davelle Clothiers This Spring

In our last post we gave an overview of our off the rack suit program.  This spring we’re thrilled to bring in two new vendors- Giorgio Armani and Pal Zileri.

Giorgio-Armani-logoEveryone recognizes Armani as an iconic brand, known for a sleek, slim silhouette and sold only at higher end stores.  They are a great fit for our clients who seek this fit but do not want to sacrifice comfort for style.

As longtime fans of Armani,  we came to carry them in our store due to their desire to partner with independent high end stores that have a unique presence in custom.  With our custom capabilities and luxury brand presence, Armani saw a great fit in our store.  As such, we will not only carry Armani off the rack suits, but made to measure suits as well (more on made to measure in our next blog).

With this made to measure component, we have solidified a fantastic partnership that will meet the needs of a large number of our clients.  Their fabrics are unlike anyone else- lofty three dimensional fabrics- in neutral colors but with interesting patterns and textures.  Every season Armani does so much with colors, using stone wash grays, sands, rich blacks.

In short, Armani is one of the true luxury menswear lifestyle brands, a way of thinking and a way of living.   Ask your Wardrobe Consultant to see both the off the rack suits and made to measure options.

Pal ZileriOur next new vendor, Pal Zileri, came to us in a totally different way.  We were considering them to bring in at some point in the future, if we had an opening.  But the more I learned about them, the more fascinated I became- I thought they were incredible.

I even visited their factory last summer, where he witnessed the incredible hand work, and the 50 step process that goes into just the chest canvass of their custom suits.  Overall, there are 182 steps that go into their custom suits.

I found them to be truly remarkable.  Now we are the only store in the DC area to carry Pal Zileri.  They have a classic Italian perspective, not overly done, not flashy, a more subdued look, than say Canali.  They are the quintessential American business suit.

Pal Zileri suitThe fit is unbelievable, it embraces your body regardless of body type- big, medium, small, tall or wide- your Pal Zileri suit will fit like no other.  The name might be new to you, but they are known around the world as elegant artisans with an old world quality and approach.

Pal Zileri also offers the full range of suit programs- off the rack, made to measure and bespoke.  Consistently elegant, rather than trendy, they stand among the best in the world.

With these two new designers, we continue to hand pick not only the best menswear designers, but those who are the perfect fit for our clients.  Both fulfill our  mandate is to carry  luxury brands that offer mid to upper level luxury that offer the ability to do custom.

As an independent store, we have the flexibility to carefully craft the right mix of designers and products unlike any other store.  Schedule your appointment today to see these new designers along with all our new spring products!


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