Trunk Club- Flashy Fad or Fundamental Fashion Shift?

Trunk Club- Flashy Fad or Fundamental Fashion Shift?

We’re seeing and hearing a lot these days about various versions of the trunk club concept.  Clothing for men and women, and now even pets can get on board with Barkbox, a monthly customized box of “toys, treats and gadgets”.

We’re frequently asked our opinion and lately have had several customers share their experiences.
The bottom line- great idea, but some things get lost in the execution.

It is undeniable that the idea has tremendous promise.  The convenience of shopping from home and the attention of your own personal stylist are great benefits.  But do they deliver on the promise?

We’re hearing from customers who have given it a shot, and they felt the customized attention wasn’t as personalized as they thought.  “The stylists were friendly and knowledgeable, and they did some things right, but it takes time for someone to understand your taste.  That is hard to do month by month, with a few garments at a time.  It is a slow process.”

“When I came into the Davelle Clothiers, by contrast, I spent several hours, but had such an in depth presentation and one-on-one interaction, that the Davelle Wardrobe Consultants accomplished more than the stylist could in a year of once a month interactions.  We were able to discuss dozens and dozens of garments, rather than the handful or so that came in my box,” says customer David Allen.

As is true of any online shopping, the fit can always be a challenge as well.  Giving measurements and sizes does little when it comes to understanding your body type, shape and dimensions.

An expert hand measurement and analysis of your body type is needed to achieve a great fit.  That just isn’t possible online and over the phone!

An in store experience gives you the fit like nothing online or over the phone.  That is indisputable.  If the convenience were to outweigh the fit, then I could see how the trunk club experience would be worth it.  But since the selection process is slow and evolving, where is the real benefit?

The bottom line is the trunk club is a great idea, but one that might not stand the test of time.  If you’ve tried it, I look forward to hearing about your experiences- please email me personally at


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