Tired of Navy Everything? Brown Is the New Go-To Color

Navy is one of those colors that ends up being the default base color in many wardrobes. Less severe than black and compatible with a range of other colors, it’s no surprise that navy is so popular and has become the perennial favorite, but after a while, enough is enough. Over the past couple of years there’s been a real shift toward the warmer, more inviting feel of browns, and when you look at the range of things that brown can do for your overall style, it’s easy to see why it’s enjoying a resurgence in popularity.

Brown is rich without being overpowering. It provides a perfect contrast in fall and winter, giving warmth to the year’s coldest months, and yet it blends in seamlessly as a foundation when paired with bolder accent colors. What’s more, most shades of brown can go well with each other without being too matchy-matchy, so in a lot of contexts you can use sultry layers of brown-on-brown with brighter accents and accessories, for a look that’s eye-catching without being too over-the-top.

It’s both modern and classic. Brown carries that retro-chic air that is so on trend right now, and yet it also has a timeless quality that can’t be denied. On one hand, you can put together a power outfit that has a strong ’70s or ’80s vibe – believe it or not, there are a lot of interesting ideas from that era that are being updated for modern times. On the other hand, you can also opt for the “country casual” style that everyone is into right now, or go all-out cowboy with a more rugged outdoors look.

You’ll never get bored. With a range of tones from camel to caramel to chocolate, and a variety of styles from suits to relaxed casuals, there’s a perfect garment in a perfect shade of brown for every occasion. Best of all, you’ll never feel restricted in any sense of the word, because today’s browns are as relaxed and comfortable as they are sophisticated. It’s the ideal mix of looking great and feeling great.

If you know that your fall and winter wardrobe could use some warming up, brown is definitely a hot color to start experimenting with. The great news is, brown is everywhere right now, so whether you’re looking for an entirely new outfit or just a few pieces to rotate in, you can get exactly the look you want and choose items that fit in perfectly with your own unique style.

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