Tips for Coordinating Shirts and Ties

Tips for Coordinating Shirts and Ties

A free tie with a shirt purchase of $195 or more… this holiday offer is a great chance to add a high quality luxury tie to your wardrobe.  This is the perfect opportunity to talk about coordinating shirts and ties.

Here are a few basics to keep in mind, then let the experts at Davelle Clothiers guide you to the ultimate level of style!

Let’s talk about solids first.  Often gentlemen stick with solid ties because they aren’t comfortable venturing into anything more complicated.  A solid tie can still give you a professional look, if the tie is high quality.  That means silk, wool, cotton or linen.

Solid ties also offer a lot of versatility in your wardrobe.  Dark solids communicate a quiet elegance and look more expensive.

Next, we’re moving on to stripes  A striped shirt with a striped tie can give you a level of style that sets you apart from your peers, if done correctly.

The stripes on the shirt and tie need to oppose each other.  So remember this basic formula- the wider the stripe on the shirt, the smaller the stripe on the pattern of the tie; or, if you have a shirt with a thinner stripe, you can go with a wider stripe on the tie.

What if you are somewhere in the middle?  If your stripe dimension is about 1/2” width, you need an expert to help you coordinate.  Our Wardrobe Consultants can put together just the right contrasting look.

Finally, a great rule of thumb on patterned ties- if you have an incredible patterned tie, wear a shirt that is 70%-80% white.  This will ensure the pattern pops against the background.

Be sure to use this advice to take advantage of this free tie with shirt offer.  As always, we’ll ensure both the new tie and shirt compliment the rest of your wardrobe, enhance your personal style, and elevate your image.

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