Three Ways to Warm Up in Style This Winter

Three Ways to Warm Up in Style This Winter

As the coldest season approaches, it’s time to think about updating your outerwear. You might be surprised and relieved to learn that the latest trend in coats is relaxed, oversized silhouettes. Today’s perfect coat is like comfort food for the soul – enveloping and protecting you against whatever wintery situation this world may throw at you. Here are the three major takes on this trend that will help you find the perfect balance.

1. Shearling, fur, and fleece. If you’ve been looking for a way to bring softer textures and shapes into your overall look, here’s your literal big chance. Warm brown tones are perfect to keep everything toasty warm on a visual level, and tactile fabrics add the volume and feel that make this such a popular choice. Best of all, when it comes to value and longevity, you really can’t go wrong – a quality shearling coat, for example, will never fall apart, will look good from year to year, and can last you a lifetime with the proper care.

2. Quilted, puffed, and padded. Those with an active lifestyle want to combine warmth with freedom and ease of movement, and padding is a great way to get all of the above in the requisite extra-large look. Think of it like modern armor – a cozy, protective layer that is as flexible as it is insulating. Puffer jackets and other duvet coats come to mind, but if you really need to defend yourself against the cold, you can get all kinds of different padded garments, including trousers.

3. Leather, leather, and more leather. What better way to bring an assertive attitude to oversized tailoring?  Leather is back in a major way and you can spin in in several different directions. From the short rock ‘n’ roll jacket, to the longer classic forms, the elegance and strong presence of leather cannot be denied. If you’re feeling particularly outgoing, you might even opt for a Matrix-style ultra-long coat in a black or gloss leather and really max things out.

Who says bigger isn’t better?  It definitely is when it comes to the most modern looks in coats. You have a host of great choices within the parameters of this style, so go big and take your look to the next level.

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