Three Ways You Can Become a Style Icon Right Now

We’ve all seen “that guy” before: the man who is walking down the street looking like a million bucks, like he just stepped out of a fashion magazine.  He walks confidently, and with good reason, since he’s turning heads wherever he goes.  Everyone wants to be him.  But couldn’t you look like that, too?  Believe it or not, you can – it’s a matter of changing your mindset.  Here are three ways that you can stop being envious and start being a style icon in your own right today, right now.

1. Reject unrealistic body expectations. There’s been a huge backlash in recent years against the ways in which women are made to feel inadequate about their bodies, due to unrealistic representations in the fashion industry and in the media about what a woman’s body “should” be.  What doesn’t get mentioned as often, though, is that men are also under pressure to look a certain way, and that very narrow representation is not what ninety percent of us look like.  The truth is, any man of any size and shape can look stylish, and every man can improve his appearance significantly by dressing well.  It’s up to you to say that you’ve had enough of being told that only one particular body type looks good in nice clothing… because it’s simply not true.  You deserve to look your best no matter what your body shape.

2. Stop waiting for the “right” number on the scale.  Have you been holding back on upgrading your wardrobe because you want to wait until you lose twenty, fifty, or even a hundred pounds?  How long have you been waiting for that magic number?  Are you going to continue waiting forever?  One of two things is going to happen: you’ll eventually lose the weight, or you won’t.  Either way, whatever weight you are right now should never hold you back from looking your best.  In fact, if you are planning on losing weight, it makes things easier on your tailor if you get custom clothing made now, as it’s much easier to adjust and tailor down later due to the way the seams are cut.  Also, the extra fabric left when tailoring down gives you a bit of wiggle room to allow for any weight fluctuations in the future.

3. Remember that life is short.   It’s not just a trite saying – relatively speaking, we’re on this planet for a very limited time, so why not make the most of every moment?  There’s not some alternate future where you’ll be younger and more vibrant than you are right now, so if you have a fantasy in your head of how the best version of you would look, there’s no time better than today to make that a reality.

All it takes is one conversation with a wardrobe consultant to get the ball rolling.  If this is something you’ve been wanting to do for a long time, but have been putting it off for one reason or another, consider this your sign from the universe that now is the time to step up and realize that dream!

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