Three Stylish Ways to Keep Warm this Winter

Three Stylish Ways to Keep Warm this Winter

We’re heading into the coldest parts of the year, and that means it’s time for the warmest garments to make their starring appearance. If your older outerwear from winters past is leaving you feeling uninspired, here are a few ways you can change things up and really take advantage of everything the season has to offer.

Rethink your overcoat strategy. Your overcoat is perhaps the most commonly-worn item in your winter wardrobe, and yet for so many years it was seen simply as a utility piece, a way to shield yourself from the elements during the short journey from the car to the office. Luckily the days of drab, boring overcoats are fading away, and these days plain black and navy are stepping aside to make way for more interesting options. You can make a real statement with your overcoat, choosing from vibrant colors, fabrics, and patterns, with longer lengths, exaggerated shapes, and wider lapels. You can even build an entire look around your overcoat as an anchor point, treating it almost like you would a sport jacket.

Mix things up with soft coats. Blazers and sport jackets certainly have their place in any winter wardrobe, but if you’re fully committed to a laid-back look while staying warm, the soft coat is the perfect solution. A soft coat can be worn multiple ways – you can dress it up with neckwear for a hint of luxury, or dress it down with a sport shirt or knit for a sense of relaxed casualness. Soft coats come in a variety of textures and colors, but for the ultimate comfort with a touch of sophistication, the current trend is toward patterned soft coats in rich plaids and checks.

Don’t forget your vest. If ever there were a secret weapon of layering, the vest is it. Not only will it keep you warm without leaving you overheated, the right vest can be the perfect stylish layer over sweaters, denim shirts, and sport shirts. Even a simple outfit can be transformed into something special with the right choice of vest. Use it as an alternative to a utility jacket, or as an added level of warmth under your coat. On less-frigid days the vest can replace the coat altogether, showing off your style while keeping the chilly weather at bay.

There’s a mind-blowing range of great winter outerwear to choose from this year. The best way to find out what works for you is to come in and try some things on, and prepare to be wowed by all the ways you can overhaul your wardrobe with just a few key upgrades.

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