Thoughts on Our New Tagline, Invest in Your Style

Thoughts on Our New Tagline, Invest in Your Style

Davelle Clothiers Invest in Your StyleAnyone who’s met me knows that I am a man of firm convictions, or as my wife prefers to say, I’m “opinionated”.

Being in the custom menswear industry for as long as I have, I feel that I’ve earned the right to my opinions about personal style, and about the importance of personal style on a man’s professional career and prospects for upward mobility.

In a difficult business climate where all the ground rules have changed, investing in one’s style is crucial if one hopes to instill trust and command respect in the boardroom. The best investment a man can make is to show others that he is a force with which to be reckoned. A man who dresses with confidence demonstrates that he is not afraid to be center stage, and should be taken seriously as a mover and a shaker.

I firmly believe that how a man dresses is an outward indication of who he is on the inside.  When he dresses in a custom-made suit and hand-tailored shirt, he’s saying that he takes pride in himself. It shows that he appreciates quality and craftsmanship and attention to detail. That’s he’s not afraid to be taken seriously and be given new challenges and responsibility, because he’s worth it.

A man who shops at Davelle tells the world that, although he knows that chain stores and department stores exist for some, he deserves impeccable quality, personal service and a perfect fit. That he’s decided that the time and expense to look like one in a million is an investment that he’s willing to make.

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