Texture and Color: Four Easy Ways to Elevate Your Style

Looking physically better is one of the oldest and most common new year’s resolutions out there, but most people focus on (and then fail at) trying to turn their body into something it isn’t. You know what’s more realistic, a lot of fun, and has an incredible visual impact? Looking your best through transforming your style. It doesn’t even have to be a complete all-at-once overhaul – you can start with these small changes that will make a big difference in how you look and feel.

1. Add in some accent colors. A lot of men stick to a basic, somewhat neutral color palette when choosing their clothes. It makes sense, because it makes it easier to mix and match pieces, but on the other hand it can get kind of boring and samey after a while. The antidote? Accent colors. Whether it’s the details on a shirt, a contrasting scarf, or even an interesting pocket square, accent colors can draw attention to all the right things, and show that you know how to pay attention to detail.

2. Explore the world of vests. Ever worn a vest before? Now is the perfect time of year to try, when the extra layer of warmth is functional as well as stylish. Try steering clear of vests that exactly match the rest of your outfit – a contrast vest is a great way to add both texture and color. You can go for a great patterned vest that picks up an accent color in your tie, or even opt for a luxury fabric and create your own look.

3. Experiment with accessories. Cufflinks, belts, even bracelets – these are all great ways to introduce eye-catching texture into your outfits. They’re items that tend to be afterthoughts for most men (or not even considered at all), so if you take the time to add them into your look, the difference will be remarkable. It’s the little touches here and there that truly create that look of next-level style.

4. Tiptoe outside your comfort zone. Have you ever seen a perfectly-dressed guy walking down the street and wished you could be that bold and confident? Well guess what, you can – it doesn’t happen by accident, it’s a simple decision to make different style choices. Again, something like this doesn’t have to be all-or-nothing – if you’re worried about having the confidence to pull it off, start with small changes that you’ve always been curious about, and work your way up from there as you start feeling more comfortable taking chances. Choose colors that stand out a little more than what you would normally pick, or try fabrics and textures that are a bit more luxurious and adventurous. You’ll slowly start to love the way it feels to try new things, and by the time the summer comes, being a trendsetting pioneer will be like second nature.

It’s the beginning of a new year, so now is the perfect time to start putting together the wardrobe that you deserve!  This year could be your most stylish year yet by a landslide.

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