Eric Monroe

Eric Monroe

Eric Monroe

Some Interesting Facts

Davelle Clothiers is an American success story, thriving and growing for over 28 years. We are proud to create a men’s clothing store like no other in this area (or anywhere!). We strive to offer the best quality clothing, provide unrivaled personal service, and impart our expertise- all so you will stand apart from the crowd.

We are a local, family owned and run retailer, celebrating 25 years of excellence. Located in the Reston Town Center in the heart of Northern Virginia, Davelle Clothiers began as Timeless Ties and More at Union Station in Washington, DC in 1991. Sparked by customer enthusiasm and word of mouth, the business expanded to 6 locations, including one in Reston Town Center.

Custom Design

Our Custom Design Work


Our Mission

The power of looking your best. We believe the man who dresses with impeccable style and confidence shows that he values himself and his contributions. Davelle Clothiers has stood the test of time as a one-of-a kind men’s clothing store featuring high quality offerings, unparalleled expertise, and personal service.

One of the most frequently overheard things in our store is, “I didn’t know that!” Our passion is to educate you- through our relationships, our expert videos, our blog- all designed to teach you the art of personal presentation.

We’re not all about just making you look good, our mission is to impart our expertise so you understand how to dress while developing your own sense of personal style.

Along the way you’ll learn that quality tailored clothing is an investment that will pay off over your lifetime, and how to dress for your body type and proportions. And you’ll even enjoy shopping in our comfortable and beautiful store.

Ready to take your look to the next level?

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