In the Spotlight, James Dodson “Customer Service from Overseas”

In the Spotlight, James Dodson “Customer Service from Overseas”

“I can be out of the country, send Tim a text, and have clothes waiting for me in the correct size and the styles I like upon my return. Where else can I get that kind of service?” James Dodson, Davelle Clothiers Customer

James Dodson didn’t worry as much about clothing when he was active military and overseas. He did not have a lot of occasions to be concerned about his clothing. However, once he moved to an office environment he had more time and more opportunity to make his own decisions about what he was going to wear.
James literally stumbled into Davelle Clothiers in the Reston Town Center. He wandered in because, as he put it “well, because it is a menswear shop and I needed to look at some menswear”. That one experience made James realize this was a place he wanted to shop on a regular basis.

Dodson states, “A lot of stores have great clothing but there is a level of service you get at Davelle that is unlike any other. They know what’s in style, they know what fits me and they know what would look good on me. I don’t have to ask and I can trust their judgement. That takes a lot of the work and stress out of shopping and makes it enjoyable. I travel for weeks at a time and don’t have time to spend trying on items that don’t fit or I am not going to wear.”

My stylist (Tim Bumba) makes me feel good about my purchasing decisions and I feel good when I look good and when people notice and compliment my clothing. Inherently, it is a confidence builder.

James also likes the one-stop-shop experience. He can come in and not only buy his clothing but shoes, bags, belts socks and even underwear all in the same place. With his frequent travel schedule this is a huge time-saver and helps him to create a more polished look.

Recently, James texted his stylist from Southeast Asia to tell him when he was coming and to set up an appointment. “Where else can I text from overseas, make an appointment, and have items in my correct size and styles that I like waiting for me”. That’s what will keep me coming back.

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